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All PCB in the seme time

All kinde of cutoutsHave Your PCB 

General information of the data preparation and order

AX elektronika is joining PCB files from electronics designers and adds them on a big PCB panel. When the panel is full of PCBs we send it to an European PCB factory. All PCBs are electronically tested, doublesided, have Top silk, Bottom silk, Top mask & Bottom mask. Read testemony by Mark who you surely know.

Preparing your files

Before sending your files please register and login!


Your files should have the following extentions:

Bottom side: *.GBL

Bottom silk: *.GBS

Bottom mask: *.GBM

Top side: *.GTL

Top silk: *.GTS

Top mask: *.GTM

Board outline: *.GOL

Drill file: *.DRL


PCB form 2 - 8 pieces or from 10pieces above. You can order 2 pieces or more.Compress all files (into ZIP or RAR) and send them in ZIP format to our email: stik(at)svet-el.si. 


Detail procedure


All data are loaded into CAM SW where we check if anything is missing in the files, whether Drill file corresponds to the actual board files etc. The Board outline dimensions + added 5mm for contour routing are basis for the price of the PCB. If the board is smaller than 20 cm2 (for example 50x40 mm) we will charge aditional 4 Euro for manipullation cost. At that point we send you information about the cost of your board. When you confirm our offer we start with detail check of the files to check width of lines, holes or spaces between elements etc. and send you a preview of the PCB.


In the preview we will indicate potential problems. At that time you may check your board once again and if the board has to be changed, now it's the time to do it FREE of charge. All further changes are charged at 5 Euro.


When all is confirmed we send you proforma invoice (or charge your Paypal account). When the PCBs are made we ship them to you in the bubble envelope to protect the PCBs from being damaged.


When will I receive my PCBs?

You may check the status of the panel at this web page:



At the bottom of the page select your language. Web page is translated with Google translate.


Prices of the PCBs:

The price for finished PCB is 0.175 Euro/cm2 for ordered area. We make 2 panels means that you can order 2, 4, 6 etc. PCBs.



Your board dimensions are 14 x 33 mm, what’s the final price for minimum order?

  1. If PCB board area is 4.62 cm2  i.e. smaller than 20 cm2  then add 4 € manipulation fee
  2. For contour routing add 5 mm to each board dimension: 19 x 38 mm = 7.22 cm2
  3. Minimum order are two boards: 14.44 cm2  x 0.175 € = 2.527 €
  4. Add manipulation fee, postage cost and VAT, that's your final price.



Postage cost within Europe:

Registered letter: 7.20 Euro


All prices are without 22% VAT.

If you are an EU VAT registered company, please send your full data including your VAT id. No. which will enable us to charge you without VAT.





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