Hi all,

my friend Marko, who is also building his DRA818 VHF/UHF Radio audio transceiver has published an Arduino code. Marko has also made a very nice outline on Nokia 5510 LCD. See the image below.

Read more if interested...


HW remains same, Marko has only used Arduino platform, ATMega328 and Nokia 5510 LCD. Marko has implemented also "search" function, which searches if frequency is occupied. Also you can see that Marko is displaying Volume and Squelch preset value.

For those of you who'd like to test Arduino code, feel free to download it from this link.

Let me tell you that the front plate is done from ABS PVC plate. We CNC that ABS plate to fit into enclosure and engrave all letters in it. We could also engrave your call-sign as you can see in the photo below.