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SR T300 Walkie Talkie - modul 1ELU0236

5,50 € each

56 items in stock

The simplest Walkie Talkie module ever! Add only few components (microphone, speaker, PTT switch, battery, antenna is already included) and you can operate Walkie Talkie on two channels:

CH1: 462.125MHz
CH2: 462.175MHz

Other channels are possible:

Channel set No.1

446,00625 MHz (PMR CH No. 1)

446,01875 MHz (PMR CH No. 2)


Channel set No.2

446,04375 MHz (PMR CH No. 4)

446,06875 MHz (PMR CH No. 6)


Channel set No.3

27,065 MHz (CB CH. 9)

27,205 MHz (CB CH. 20)


Channel set No.4

433.500 MHz, 430.3625 MHz


Channel set No.5
145.700MHz, 145.100 MHz


Channel set No.6
431.3875 MHz, 431.2875 MHz


Channel set No.7
49.100 MHz, 49.700 MHz


Channel set No.8
29.125 MHz, 29.750 MHz


When ordering please write in instructions to the seller which channels do you wish to purchase! Unfortunately you cannot mix. channel sets between each other. 

Module is delivered with UHF antenna as seen on image. 

Please note that this frequency is out of the EU frequency band plan for HAM radio use! Modules with other frequencies are also available. Please browse our shop.


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Mini Electret Microphone Pickup - WALKIE TALKIE 1ELU0044 1,22 € each
2 items in stock
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