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MINIPIN II - development board - B, Arduino compatible 2IEL0356

32,79 € each

3 items in stock

MiniPin II is a smaller brother of MegaPin. Smaller, but still very user friendly and versatile development board, where programs for AVRs may be tested and evaluated. Connecting your programmer to the MiniPin II board.

MiniPin II - B contains:

  • MiniPin II development board
  • Manual (MP book)


MiniPin II is more expensive as any Arduino board hower, MiniPin II has some features which at Arduino has to be bought separately: MiniPin II has got 4x 8 LEDs, 8 keypads that can be connected to any AVR Port, 1Wire socket that can be connected to any AVR Port, external XTAL oscillator (great tool to unlock wrongly programmed fuse bits). MiniPin II also features external AREF that can be set with a trimpot.

All that - plus support for different AVR devices, 8-pin, 28-pin and 40-pin DIL AVRs makes MiniPin II a great tool.

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Image Product Code Vote Price
Keypad Keyboard 4X4 1con0073 2,79 € each
No stock
Keypad Keyboard 3X4 1con0074 2,62 € each
No stock
Programmer PROGGY II AVR IDC10 2IEL0344 17,08 € each
Bascom AVR Programming 5LIT0001 13,70 € each
3 items in stock
Results 1 - 4 of 4
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